Can Good CIBIL Report alone can Guarantee Personal Loans?

CIBIL Consultants are often asked this question “Can Good CIBIL Report alone can Guarantee Personal Loans?” For an ordinary person, this is a valid question. People approach us with questions like:

  • Why is the Bank not sanctioning me Personal Loan whereas I have CIBIL Score of more than 800?
  • Why has the Bank rejected my Credit Card Application when I have never taken any loan or Credit Card from any Bank?
  • Why my CIBIL Scores have not improved despite the fact that I paid even the Loan Waiver amount in respect of my “Settled”, “Compromised” and “Written Off” loan accounts and credit cards?
  • Why has the Bank refused me Personal Loan only because my friend did not pay the EMI of his Car Loan?
  • Why the Bank is not considering my Credit Card Application despite the fact that I have CIBIL Score of more than 800, No “Settled” or “Written Off” loan account is appearing in my CIBIL Report?

We at CIBIL Consultants will deal with all such questions separately under the following heads:

  • What is the meaning of -1 CIBIL Score?
  • How can I get rid of Bad Loan Accounts guaranteed by me?
  • How Can I Build my Credit History?
  • How can I improve my Bad Credit History?
  • How to watch movements in my CIBIL Score?

Our experts at CIBIL Consultants are in the process of writing informative articles on the above questions and soo you will be able to click the above questions to find the best possible answers on our website.

In the meantime do not hesitate to Tell us Your CIBIL Problem without hiding any information.

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