CIBIL Consultants Offer 20% Discount on 40th Anniversary of Founder

CIBIL Consultants Offer 20% Discount on 40th Anniversary of their Founder on 24th June 2018:

Grab the fabulous offer by CIBIL Consultants announced only for single day i.e. 24th June 2018. The salient features of the offer are:

  • 20% Discount on Board in Professional Fees will be available for only one day i.e. 24th June 2018 to commensurate the 4oth Anniversary celebrations of Ashok Goyal, Founder Owner of CIBIL Consultants.
  • 20% Discount will be available and valid for Advance Payments received up to 24:00 Hrs on 24th June 2018 and any payment received at the discounted rate after 24:00 Hrs on 24-06-2018 will be returned after deducting the charges as per Terms and Conditions displayed on CIBIL Consultants.
  • Though we will try to deliver the services within the given time frame yet there can be a nominal delay of 2-5 days in case of the abnormal rush of clients.

See Full Details of Offer on our Facebook Page in the name of CIBIL Consultants.

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