CIBIL Consultants takes Integrity Pledge to Create Vigilance Awareness

                   Adopt Integrity Pledge

CIBIL Consultants and all its employees have adopted the Integrity Pledge and are committed to upholding high standards of Integrity and Good Governance and to follow ethical practices in conducting its services.

We also urge upon all citizens and organizations to adopt the  Integrity Pledge to create Vigilance Awareness among the public to achieve the India of My Dreams in 2047.

Corruption is a canker and the biggest obstacle to the rapid progress of India od My Dreams. As per our Vice President, the corruption has to be combated ruthlessly at all levels and eliminated totally at all levels for the country to achieve growth in every sphere including Economic, Social and Political.

CIBIL Consultants once again repeat the Integrity Pledge and urge the fellow citizens not to bribe or offer any illegal gratification in cash or kind to anyone as we feel that offering bribe in cash or kind is more grave an offense than accepting it in cash or kind.

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