CIBIL Consultations offer 15 minutes Free Consultation

Terms & Conditions:
  1. The offer will be valid only if the Clients uploads his/her PAN, Aadhar and CIBIL Reports on our Whats App No.9814915812.
  2. Call only after 48 Hours of uploading your PAN, Aadhar and CIBIL Report.
  3. Only one-time Consultation is Free for 15 minutes on M-8849950799
  4. For solving the CIBIL Problem the Professional Fees will be charged as per our Official Rates.
  5. Separate Professional Fees will be charged and Payable in Advance for each and every step:
  • Investigation and Analysis
  • Removal of Stranger’s accounts
  • Arranging Letters from Bankers for Settled and Written Off Accounts
  • CIBIL Clearance Post deposit of Bank Dues
  • Revised CIBIL Report will be charged extra.
  • If during the period of solving CIBIL Problem, the client defaults in existing regular loans then the Bad Credit History will be entirely at his/her risk and responsibility.
  • Separate Fees will be charged for different Credit Rating Agencies like CIBIL, Experian, and Equifax
  • The client will have to follow the instructions by CIBIL Consultants in later and spirit.

Now Public can also Book Tatkal Premium Appointment with CIBIL Consultants at a meagre cost of Rs.500-00 adjustable in the final Professional Fees for the above assignments. Premium Customers will not only get Priority over the Free Customers but they will be allowed more and flexible time over phone No.8849950799 and through Whats App on 9814915812.

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