August 26, 2017


Credit Score is your financial pulse which needs to be monitored round the clock as the Credit Scores go up and down as per your financial activities. Even in case you have got Solved your Credit Report Problem, it does not mean that your Credit Score will remain healthy always. But how to monitor your Credit Score Pulse every minute? You can entrust the Job to Dedicated Account Managers at Credit Report Consultants, who will let you know any adverse change in your Credit Scores and reasons thereof. They will also advise you the remedies to keep your Credit Health in good shape.

Monitor and Maintain Credit Score of 750+ as:

  • Your Credit Score changes as and when the Banks and Lending institutions report and update the information on your new Loans/Credit Cards. As allotment of Credit Scores is an automated process, your Credit Scores get lowered even if there is a delay of a single day in repaying your EMI or Credit Card Bills.
  • Banks and Lending Institutions check your Credit Score before approving your Credit Requirements. Every inquiry or fetching of Credit Report by Banks and Lending Institutions can marginally lower your credit scores as the automated systems infer that you are Credit Hungry and approaching one bank or other to get loans.
  • It is better to monitor your Credit Score regularly and maintain it above 750 so that your Credit application is not rejected due to bad or lower Credit Score. In the near future, Credit Scores and Reports will even decide the fate of your employment and Visa applications.

Credit Report Consultants introduce 4 Credit Health Packages:

Our highly qualified experts, with  more than 35 years experiences in handling Credit Reports, will always remain at your disposal in case of financial emergencies when your bankers are not ready to approve your credit requirements only because of poor Credit Scores. To achieve your financial goals, Credit Report Consultants are pleased to announce the launching of Customer Friendly 4 Credit Health Packages:

Please subscribe to any of our above CREDIT HEALTH CHECK UP PLANS to keep Head High with Sound Financial Health in such a way that you can dictate terms to the Banks and Lending Institutions. Contact our Experts for details…

HAPPY NEWS: Credit Report Consultants announce 10% OFF on all Subscription Packages w.e.f. 13/04/2019 to 30/06/2019 for FAMILY PACKAGES consisting of FIVE members and above. Next Year Renewals will be at NORMAL rates applicable at that time. However existing subscribers can get the ANNUAL Packages renewed at 10% OFF during the above period and their remaining subscription period will get Carried forward from the due dates. 10% OFF is announced w.e.f. 13/04/2019.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: We have no association with any Credit Rating Agency like CIBIL, Experian, Equifax or CRIF High Mark – which are the only Credit Rating Agencies in India.