Do’s and Don’ts – For Good CIBIL Reports

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Often it has been found that the individuals are not happy with their CIBIL Reports and Credit Reports as their CIBIL Reports include:

CIBIL Consultants advise the public in general about the “Do’s and Don’ts – For Good CIBIL Reports” as Wrong CIBIL and Credit Reports get generated due to wrong feeding of data by lending bankers, submitting of wrong data by loanees and inclusion of wrong data in ID and Address Proofs like PAN, Aadhaar, Driving License, Voter ID, Passport, Matriculation Certificates. It is advised that public, in general, must check their ID, Address and DOB Proofs immediately and get them rectified at the earliest:

PAN CARD: Pan Card includes your name, Father’s Name and Date of Birth. Please check your PAN Card right now to confirm:

  • In case you have a valid Birth Certificate then Name, Father’s Name and Date of Birth should exactly be the same as available on Birth Certificate. No document is better than a Valid Birth Certificate.
  • In case you are born prior to 1969 – when the “The Registration of Births and Deaths Act,1969 came into existence in India – then your School Leaving Certificate or Matriculation Certificate will be the best reliable document for verifying the Name, Father’s Name and Date of Birth.
  • In case you are born prior to 1969 and you are also an illiterate than the Most Reliable document to be trusted will be your Voter-ID Card which is issued by the State Election Commission on attaining the age of 18 years.
  • In Case you have not enrolled for Voter ID and you are illiterate, born before 1969 without a Valid Birth Certificate – then you need to give an Affidavit in Camera before a 1st Class Magistrate stating therein your Name, Father’s Name and Date of Birth to get the PAN. However in such cases after the year 2010 – the Aadhaar will be considered a Valid Proof of Identity and Address.
  • Never try to provide misleading or different information to authorities issuing  PAN, Aadhaar, Voter-ID, Driving License and Passport etc. Check all your ID Proofs and destroy the old ones after getting the rectified Cards.
  • The above steps can help you in “Building Your Credit Reputation“.
  • Check if your PAN Card is Valid or Not.

VOTER-ID: The same set of rules applies to Voter-ID as in the case of PAN Card. The only Difference is that PAN Card does not have your address whereas in Voter-ID, it includes your address and with your shifting, your Voter-ID can be canceled automatically. Presently there is no automatic application to verify your address through Voter-ID from the database of NSVP Portal whereas PAN Card details can be got verified immediately. With the Linking of PAN with Aadhar – PAN has become more reliable document about your Name, Father’s Name and Date of Birth – only if your Aadhaar ID contains the exact same information.

Driving Licenses: Check your Driving License and compare the details about your Name, Father’s Name, Date of Birth and Address with PAN, Aadhaar, and Voter-ID. Driving Licenses are not a reliable document as the Fake Driving Licenses are in abundance and there is no digital method to check the spurious Driving Licenses. Never provide Driving License to Banks to open your Saving or Loan Accounts and always try to open Accounts by providing Aadhaar, Voter-ID, PAN Card and Pass-Port having exactly same information.

Aadhaar: Aadhaar has brought a revolution to make Digital India but the Government is still Experimenting with Aadhaar. The issuance of Aadhar on the basis of unreliable and unverifiable records will make the Aadhaar Cards redundant in near future if the issuance of Aadhar is not made on digitally verifiable documents. Now any MLA or MP can issue the Certificate for making the Aadhaar of any person whereas he or she has no tools to verify the Name, Father’s Name, DOB, and Address Proof of the Person enrolling for Aadhar. The individuals are getting their Date of Birth Changed in Aadhaar frequently to avail Senior Citizen Benefits from Banks, Railways, and other Government Networks. Let the Government provide One Time Opportunity to every Aadhar Card Holder to get the correct DOB inserted in Aadhaar and the Government should either take Birth Certificate, Matriculation Certificate, PPO, School Leaving Certificate, Voter ID or PAN Card to synchronize the DOB once for all. The Government should Freeze the Date of Birth, once rectified in Aadhar and any subsequent change sought should be heavily penalized. Check your Aadhaar Card right now for any mistakes before the GOI comes with a heavy hand on giving false information in Aadhar. As Aadhaar is Biometrically Verified through Finger Prints and Eye Scans – Please ensure that your Aadhar has your Valid Information as it will be the one and only one reliable Proof of ID, Address and DOB in Digital India.

Pass-Port: So far Pass-Port was considered to be the most reliable Proof of ID, Address, Date of Birth and even Citizenship – but with the dilution of Guidelines by the Government of India to not to insist for Birth Certificate for Issuance of Passports the public is getting the Date of Births inserted in Aadhaar as per their sweet will and the same Date of Birth travels to Passports – making the Passports vulnerable to wrong information. Check your Passport and be honest that the Name, DOB, Father and Mother’s Name, Spouse Name and Address is exactly the same as in Birth Certificate, Matriculation Certificate, PPO, School Leaving Certificate, Voter-ID, PAN Card. Do not try to be smart – as smartness can lead you to your own Identity Crisis leading to the generation of CIBIL Reports.

In case all your ID Proofs, DOB Proofs, and Address Proofs are same then I am sure you will never get a wrong CIBIL or Credit Report. Check Your Proofs in the following Orders:

  • Birth Certificate for your Name, Name of Parents and DOB
  • Matriculation Certificate for your Name, Name of Parents and DOB
  • School Leaving Certificate (If Studied up to 8th Standard) for your Name, Name of Parents and DOB
  • Pass Port
  • Voter Card
  • Pension Payment Order
  • Employer’s ID Card
  • PAN Card
  • Aadhaar Card
  • Driving License

In the case of any mismatch – please get the Proof rectified immediately as your problems will start multiplying with every passing day.

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