March 18, 2018

Gold Credit Health Checkup Plan from Credit Report Consultants

Finally, the wait is over. Credit Report Consultants have come out with their following Credit Health Check Up Plans for Individuals, tailor-made to suit every pocket. Now you can relax and have a remote control on your Credit Reports and Credit Scores around the corner anytime anywhere through “Credit Health Checkup Plans for Individuals” launched by none other than Credit Report Consultants.

  • Exclusive Low Cost “Silver Credit Health Checkup Plan” for its clients from all over India: This plan is best suited for the clients who have either already availed our Professional Services to Solve their Credit Report Problems or whose Credit Reports do not have any adverse feature but they want to keep vigil on their Credit Reports so that Strangers’ Loan Accounts do not creep into their Credit Reports or Somebody else may not damage their Credit Reports.
  • Gold Credit Health Checkup Plan is the best cheapest Credit Health Checkup Plan for Individuals who are completely in the dark and their Loan applications are being rejected by all the leading bankers and financial institutions on account of Poor Credit Score, “Settled” and “Written Off” loan accounts appearing in Credit Report.

Salient Features of Gold Credit Health Checkup Plan by Credit Report Consultants:

  • It has all the features of existing Silver Credit Health Checkup Plan with the only exception that it comes with built-in and pre-paid Expert Opinion by Super Specialists and Credit Report Doctors at Credit Report Consultants.  All the 12 Credit Reports during the 12 months subscription period will be provided along with Experts’ Opinions and Possible solutions. However, the Resolution of the Problems will be dealt with separately as Every Credit Report Problem is a New Problem. We shall be covering the Costs of Solutions in our Diamond Credit Health Checkup Plan to be introduced soon.
  • While in the existing Silver Credit Health Checkup Plan, the Expert Opinion is available on-demand @Rs.500 per Report, the Gold Credit Health Checkup Plan has a built-in feature of providing Expert Opinions along with all the 12 Credit Reports at an additional annual cost of just Rs.3600 against the actual cost of Rs.6000 for 12 reports.
  • Total Cost of the Gold Credit Health Checkup Plan will be Rs.3600 (for existing Silver Credit Health Checkup Plan) Plus Rs.3600 for 12 Expert Opinions. You save Rs.2400 on 12 Expert Opinions as you are charged @300 per Expert Opinion against the actual cost of Rs.500 per Expert Opinion. Gold Credit Health Checkup Plan subscription comes for Rs.7200 [ Increased to Rs.9000-00 per annum w.e.f. 01-01-2020 ] just @Rs.600 [Rs.750 from 01-01-2020] per month and is suitable for High Net Worth Individuals (HNI’s).
  • Existing Subscribers under Silver Credit Health Checkup Plan will be allowed to switch to Gold Credit Health Checkup Plan anytime during the currency of their subscription period but they have to pay a Minimum addition subscription for six months period costing Rs.1800 [2250 from 01-01-2020] for 6 Reports.
  • Subscribers under Gold Credit Health Checkup Plan will be allowed to switch to Silver Credit Health Checkup Plan anytime during the currency of their subscription period and they will be refunded the subscription on pro-rata basis @Rs.300 per month with a Maximum Refund of Rs.1800 even if the exit is sought before completion of six months subscription. No Refund will be allowed for subscribers who subscribe only for six months of the GOLD scheme at cost of Rs.1800 for six months. [ Switching Back to Silver Health Check-up is Discontinued w.e.f. 01-01-2020].
  • No Refund is tenable on Silver Credit Health Checkup Plan. Resolutions sought on the basis of Expert Opinions will be Charged Extra as per Professional Fees in Force.

How to Subscribe to the Gold Credit Health Checkup Plan from Credit Report Consultants:

  • As the data of existing clients are already available with Credit Report Consultants, they need not submit any fresh information except change in their whats app contact numbers.
  • New Subscribers to contact Credit Report Consultants on whats app Numbers +918849950799 and/or +919814915812 and follow the instructions to be sent by Credit Report Consultants Team.
  • You can make the Payment of Rs.7200-00 before or after contacting our Team on Whats App No.+919814915812 or Calling No.+918849950799 ( 9 AM to 6 PM IST on all weekdays).
  • Our Team will contact the Subscribers who chose to pay before contacting us as above on the Mobile Numbers provided by them while making the online payments by Clicking the Button below:
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