Government issues First e-PAN – a Step in Right Direction

e-PAN launched to catch hold of Multiple PAN Card Holders

You have heard of e-Aadhaar, which can be downloaded anywhere anytime if your Mobile Number is entered in the Aadhar. Now the Government of India has implemented the noble concept of issuing e-PAN which is a Step in the Right Direction. Now you need not worry even if you lose your Physical PAN Card. Today one of our client who was facing a lot of CIBIL Problems, due to faults in his PAN Card, received his first ever e-PAN as shown in the image.

Really it is a welcome step by Government of India to switch to e-PAN from Physical PAN as it will solve many Problems relating to PAN Cards. I am of the opinion – if the GOI bans all ID Proof Issuing Authorities to issue Physical ID Cards and asks them to issue only e-Identity Card then India can avoid the Identity Crisis, which is likely to be faced by the Indians in the next 5 years or next decade. If you are facing any Identity Crisis – Consult this Expert or Join the Premium online Whats App Groups named “Solve CIBIL Problems Online“.

Download Your e-PAN online.

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