Have you Locked your CIBIL Login Account?

We, at CIBIL Consultants, are being contacted by hundreds of individuals who have either themselves locked their CIBIL login accounts accidentally or they have entrusted their CIBIL Rectification job to Fake CIBIL Consultants who do not know even ABC about CIBIL Reports and CIBIL Scores.

It is a very difficult process to get the CIBIL accounts unlocked as it requires manual intervention of the CIBIL authorities which can be contacted at 022-61404300 and for the whole of India there is one and only one Customer Care Number and they cannot attend more than 25-30 calls per day. Sometimes it takes weeks to talk to them and make them understand the real problem. After your Identity Verification through PAN, DOB, Address, Name, Email ID etc the customer care executives will reply as under which are their standard replies:

  • Write an email to info@cibil.com with the clear problem along with screenshots of the online problems. Is it possible that people with no knowledge of computers and agriculturists or farmers can send their problems through email requests?
  • Even after Identity Verification, the customer care executives will refuse to register the correct email address and/or Mobile Number to access the CIBIL Report.

Non-Existent Emails are registered with CIBIL and the consumers have not access to those email IDs. Such consumers can not file Disputes with CIBIL for rectification due to unknown email IDs registered with CIBIL by unscrupulous elements who try to fetch the CIBIL Reports of the clients just for the sake of few hundred rupees without knowing that they are locking the CIBIL accounts of the public who approaches them. They neither keep a record of the email IDs made on behalf of the clients nor do they inform the clients about the Registered Email ID with CIBIL. To add insult to the injury they will add their own Mobile Number in the email ID of the client so that the clients can not change the passwords of email at their will. In such a way they force their clients to visit them again and again for the lust of a few hundred rupees. As such we recommend that CIBIL Rectification work should neither be entrusted to online Credit Sudhar or Credit Improvement companies nor to unscrupulous individuals running the Computer Shops for Petty work as CIBIL Reports must be handled by Real CIBIL Consultants who have proven Track Record and Banking Experience of more than 35 years.

What is Authentication Failure:

Sometimes while signing up for CIBIL Login for the first time, the CIBIL computerized systems ask certain questions relating to the Credit Portfolio of the consumers. The fake or unscrupulous CIBIL consultants, due to Authentication Failure on account of not providing the correct information to CIBIL computerized system checks, leave the job in between leading but the CIBIL system records the email ID used at the time of first Sign Up process. These fake or unscrupulous CIBIL consultants not only keep their consumers in dark but they themselves also not keep a record of the Sign Up processes undertaken on behalf of the consumers.

In the last two months, most of the clients who visited CIBIL Consultants were such people who had got Locked their CIBIL accounts due to the above reasons and Team at CIBIL Consultants had to make extra efforts to Recover the Lost CIBIL accounts. Keeping in view the tiring job of getting the Locked CIBIL Accounts access, CIBIL Consultants have decided to charge additional UnLocking Fees of Rs.1000-00 in addition to Normal Fees.

Beware of Fake CIBIL Consultants and Never entrust your CIBIL Report Rectification Job to any Unscrupulous Person who has no knowledge of Banking. CIBIL Reports can be handled only by highly professional people like Ashok Goyal with more than 35 years experience in Banking and in Solving CIBIL Problems.

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