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The following rules and regulations have been framed to become the member of this premium group launched by CIBIL Consultants for the benefit of the individuals facing CIBIL Related Problems. Any individual, who has already availed loans from any Bank or Finance Company or wants to avail loan, can become the member of this group by invite only. Bank Managers or Managers/Employees/Agents of Financial Institutions, who want to sanction loans but are not able to do so because of faulty credit reports or bad credit reports of their, can also become the member of this group and they can refer their clients’ problems to CIBIL Consultants.

  1. The joining is only through an invitation to those members who have already got their CIBIL Reports improved professionally from CIBIL Consultants.
  2. Managers or Employees/Agents of Banks and Financial Institutions will be added by the Admin or they can also join through Group Invitation links.
  3. Any member posting irrelevant posts other than related to CIBIL Reports, Credit Reports, and Related issues will be removed from the group without any notice.
  4. Members are requested to please maintain decorum in the Group while addressing other members by Name or contacting them personally.
  5. Any member posting any post, which can either hurt the religious sentiments of any religion or is sexually explicit, will be subject to punishment as per law of the land and Admin reserves the right not only to remove the member but also report it to appropriate authorities for suitable action.
  6. Please do not upload any of your personal and private information in the group and in case you want your CIBIL Report to be analyzed by professionals you can use the following options:
  • Contact the Admin – Ashok Goyal, Retd. Chief Manager PNB on his personal Mobile Number 9814915812.
  • Send your problems to CIBIL Consultants through email ID: . We will try that email is replied within 48 hours.
  • Visit the website at CIBIL Consultants to submit your personal documents on HTTPS secured website.
  • To ask questions for free the members can post their questions here after completing the registration process. While the answers will be provided free of cost, the professionals – who can write the answers to the asked questions can also write answers after completing the registration process and they will be awarded Scores and Cash Bucks which can be converted into real Cash as per rules and regulations at Web Question Answers.

  1. Members can refer the Group Invitation Link to Join the Premium Group – Solve CIBIL Problems Online to any individual who is facing CIBIL Problem or has low Credit or CIBIL Score.
  2. What’s app group can have only 256 members – and the membership will automatically get closed after the maximum allowed membership of 256 members. Howeve, we will start another Group immediately on Completion of the membership for this premium group.
  3. Feel Free to talk to the Admin on his personal whats app Number +919814915812 for any problem relating to Group or any problems relating to CIBIL or Credit Reports.


Ashok Goyal (Admin)

Founder of CIBIL Consultants

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