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Ashok Goyal, Founder Owner of CIBIL Consultants is a Globally Renowned author on many subjects including Law, Banking, Money Matters, Health and Nutrition, Digital India, Daily Use of Technology and CIBIL Problems including CIBIL Commercial Problems.  To create online Trust and Confidence of the fans, Brief Biography of Ashok Goyal along with his Social Profiles are given below:

  • Full Name:  Ashok Goyal [Ashok Goyal on Facebook]
  • Education: Shri Krishan Kumar High School Rajpura, Patel Memorial National College Rajpura 140401 Punjab [PMN College on Google] and Punjabi University Patiala.
  • Professional Degree from Indian Institute of Banking and Finance, Mumbai.
  • Qualifications: B.Sc.(Non-Med), M.A.(Economics), C.A.I.I.B. Life Member of Indian Institute of Banking and Finance (Registration No.G-16533 of 1980)
  • Residential Status: Resident of India, Living in Rajpura 140401 Punjab since 1962.
  • Present Residence-cum-Office: CIBIL Consultants, 448 Dalima Vihar, Rajpura 140401 Punjab.
  • Professional Career: Joined New Bank of India in July 1977. New Bank of India later merged with Punjab National Bank on 04-09-1993. Retired from PNB as Chief Manager on 13-04-2012.
  • Hobbies and Interests: Writing and Authoring articles on various subjects, Building Websites, Blogging, Finding ways and means to use Information and Digital Technology for Daily Use, Solving Financial and CIBIL Problems of the Public through Professional Websites like CIBIL Consultants.
  • Google Author Profile: Ashok Goyal

Mr.Goyal’s following articles have been read by more than 100000 readers on the internet:

He has contributed more than 5000 articles on the internet and the readers have benefitted from his writings. His Professional website “CIBIL Consultants” is a big Hit among the Indian males in the Age Group 25 Years to 55 years as they start their financial career at the age of 25 and spoil their CIBIL Scores and CIBIL Reports mainly due to their own mistakes, mistakes by lending Bankers or Credit Bureaus while compiling the Credit Reports of the constituents. After attaining the age of 55 or superannuation, either there is no additional requirement of loans or the Banks avoid lending to aged people due to the short span of their remaining financially active period.

How to Contact Ashok Goyal, Top CIBIL Consultant in India:

  • Personal Whats App Number +919814915812 [ 9 AM to 6 PM ]
  • CIBIL Consultants – Offical Whats App Number +918849950799 duly verified and confirmed by What’s App. [ ANY TIME 24x7x365 ] Do not Reply at this Number as it will generate Automatic Messages. Reply only at +919814915812 [ 9 AM to 6 PM ]
  • Book Tatkal Appointment [ Booking Fees will be adjustable in the Final Bill]

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