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Company Credit Reports:

With the announcement of Custom Milling of Paddy Policy Kharif Marketing Season 2018-19 by Government of Punjab, more and more Rice Millers from Punjab are approaching the CIBIL Consultants with the following questions:

  1. I am the Sole Prop or one of the partners of the Rice Mill name ABC and Company. I have never availed any loan or limit for my Rice Mill.
  2. I am the Sole Prop or one of the partners of the Rice Mill name ABC and Company. I am availing fund based loans or limits for my Rice Mill but the limits are less than 10 lacs.
  3. I am the Sole Prop or one of the partners of the Rice Mill name ABC and Company. I am availing fund based loans or limits for my Rice Mill. Though the limits are less than 10 lacs now and in the past, I had loans and limits exceeding 10 lacs in favor of the Rice Mill
  4. My Individual CIBIL Score is less than 600 as my CIBIL Report has one “Written Off” and one “Settled” Account. Will it impact the Company Credit Report CCR of my Rice Mill.
  5. Some of the Partners have CIBIL Score less than 600 and the CMR Rank of the firm is 9. What should we do?
  6. I or other partners have never defaulted and our firm also never defaulted in repayments but out CIBIL Score is less than 750 and CMR Rank is 9 or 10.
  7. CMR of the Private Ltd Company is 9 or 10 and the Directors have Guaranteed the Loans to the Company. What would be the impact on Individual CIBIL Reports and Scores of the Guarantors?
  8. Who will provide the Company Credit Report for our Firm or Company?

We, at CIBIL Consultants, have tried our best to calm down the anxiety of the Rice Millers from Punjab and some of the Rice Millers also availed our Professional Services yet we thought it better to provide  the necessary information here so that not only Rice Millers but owners of other MSME Units can read this basic information:

  • Most of the Basic Questions have been answered in the Figure Above.
  • We are already dealing with Individual CIBIL Reports in Bulk and Company Credit Reports for the last more than five years.
  • We have more than 5000 satisfied clients and you can read Public Google Reviews about CIBIL Consultants.
  • For any further clarification, you can contact CIBIL Consultants on Business Whats App No.8849950799 and Ashok Goyal, Retd Chief Manager PNB on Whats App No.9814915812. You can also call on these numbers after taking Tatkal Appointment.

Documents Required for CCR (Company Credit Report):

  • Documents in Support of Legal Constitution. Say if a firm or company has undergone a change in the constitution without a change in name or activity. Full History of Change in Consitution with Dates and supporting documents is required.
  • Registered Address with Address Proof of the firm or company.
  • Name of the Sole Prop, Managing Partner or Director of the Company along with his or her PAN ID and Aadhar ID.
  • Correspondence Address of the firm or the company along with Landline Phones, Mobile Contacts, Email IDs.
  • The PAN ID of the firm or Company. In case of Sole Prop, the PAN of the sole prop will be treated as PAN ID of the firm.
  • Date of Birth of Sole Prop, Partners, Directors, and Date of incorporation or reconstitution as per Partnership Deed, Dissolution Deed or Certificate of Incorporation in case of Ltd Company.
  • Latest Statement of Bank Account evidencing the Present Address of the Firm or Company.
  • Four to Five Loan Account Numbers of the Firm or Company – Existing or Closed.
  • CIN in case of Company – Company Identification Number
  • TIN – Tax Identification Number of the Firm or Company
  • DIN – Director Identification Number in case of Company
  • D-U-N-S Number of the Director of the Company

While the firms and companies having their loans and limits with the Banks can get their Individual CIBIL Reports and Company Credit Reports from their Bankers but generally Bankers do not fetch the Credit Reports without any purpose as the fetching of CIBIL Reports and CCRs by Banks is treated as Hard Inquiry which Lowers the CIBIL Score of the Individual or CMR Rank of the Firm or Company. It is always better to have Direct CIBIL Report and CCR from CIBIL who charge fees for the same ranging from Rs.550 to Rs.3000 per Report. Directly purchase report is easy to understand as the reported Loan Accounts are decoded along with the name of the Lending Banker whereas Reports provided by the Banks keep these pieces of information secret and it is very difficult for the general public to understand the intricacies of the Reports drawn by Banks. CIBIL Consultants not only provide the Credit Reports from all main Credit Bureaus but also provide in-depth Analysis of CIBIL Reports and CCRs.

CAUTION: Please do not entrust this Job to incompetent people who may create problems for you by getting your CIBIL Account Locked which needs the expertise to get the same unlocked and Email ID once registered by such incompetent people is almost impossible to be changed and you lose access to your CIBIL data forever.

Ashok Goyal, Retd Chief Manager PNB & Leading CIBIL and Credit Credit Consultant. Contact only on Whats App: 9814915812.

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