What will be the Impact of PAN and Aadhar Link on CIBIL?

As per Government of India instructions a deadline of 30th June 2017 has been fixed to link PAN with the Aadhar and everybody is busy with getting the PAN linked with their Aadhars. But as per my estimate, the public has not taken the guidelines seriously. Either only the existing IT Return filers are linking their PAN with Aadhaar or the new IT Return filers are compelled to link their PAN Cards with Aadhaar. With approximately 250 million PAN card holders in India, and around 50 million taxpayers filing IT Returns, there would still be 200 million simple PAN card holders who would be required to link their PANs with Aadhaar before 30th June 2017. Most of the simple PAN Card Holders applied and got the PAN Cards so that they can cheat the exchequer through loopholes in the monitoring systems. I, being a CIBIL Consultant, being approached by so many individuals for solving their CIBIL Report related Problems. As I go deep into their CIBIL Rating and Score related issues, I can imagine the likely Impact of PANs being Linked to Aadhar with impunity. The linking process is likely to open a Pandora Box not only for the NSDL, UTIISL, Income Tax Authorities but also for the Banks, Financial Institutions, Credit Rating Agencies like CIBIL, Equifax, and Experian. I am discussing here under the likely impact of PAN linkage to Aadhar on individuals and institutions. I have already warned the non-filers of IT Return not to use the PAN Linking Link provided by the Income Tax India filing website. Anyhow let us discuss the likely impacts of linking of more than 30 Crore PANs with their Aadhars:

Existing IT Return Filers: (E-filing the Returns)

  • Those individuals and sole proprietors, who are e-filing their IT Return should immediately Link their PAN Profile with their Aadhars after verifying the 26AS Data, IT Returns filed, No Pendency in Compliance Section or Cash Transactions during the demonetization period. They can use the Link provided by IT website. There is every possibility that their PAN may or may not be linked with Aadhar.
  • In case the PAN gets Linked, even then they are advised to check their Aadhar Card for the following discrepancies and get them rectified at the earliest:
  1. Name and Surname on PAN Card matches with the Aadhar
  2. Gender on PAN Card matches with the Aadhar
  3. Date of Birth on PAN Card matches with the Aadhar. However, if you have linked the PAN with Aadhar through option that the only Year of Birth is available for the Aadhar then get the DOB updated in Aadhar by visiting any Aadhar Enrollment Centre. Do not forget to get your Mobile Number and Email ID inserted in Aadhar.
  4. Check the Address on Aadhar with the address on 26AS generated through IT E-filing Website. In case it is different then you must apply for corrections through e-verify facility via Aadhar. If you apply for correction through above link through Aadhar authentication, you need not send any physical document and all data will be fetched from your Aadhar and verified through OTP to be received on your registered mobile in Aadhar.

Existing IT Return Filers: (Manually Filing the Returns)

  • The IT Return Filers, who have never filed the IT Return but are manually filing the IT Return are advised to register on the Government Website and only after checking their I.Tax Profile, 26AS and Compliance Sections they should link the PAN with Aadhar through the internal link or Link provided on the Home Page. Home Page link provides leverages for linking the Aadhar with PAN even if there are minor discrepancies in Aadhar, which can be sorted out later as advised above.

Individual, who have never filed their IT Return:

Approximately 200 million simple PAN Card holders fall into this category as they obtained the PAN for doing Cash Transactions above 50000 and other Transactions for which PAN Card was mandatory. These persons are also registered on the Government Website and only after checking their I.Tax Profile, 26AS and Compliance Sections they should link the PAN with Aadhar through the internal link or Link provided on the Home Page. Home Page link provides leverages for linking the Aadhar with PAN even if there are minor discrepancies in Aadhar, which can be sorted out later as advised above.

What to do if you are not able to Link PAN with Aadhar:

Such Persons should not come to any conclusion in a hurry. They should keep their PAN Card and Aadhar Card in their front and see as to which particulars are correct:

  • Match the Name and Surname of both the PAN and Aadhaar. If the data is incorrect on both the Cards then do not apply shortcuts. First get the Aadhar rectified through the proper process and then apply for correction of data on PAN by providing existing PAN Number and never try to apply for fresh PAN Card as Keeping more than Two PAN Cards is an Offence.
  • Match the Date of Birth and if it is wrong on Aadhar and correct on PAN then get the Aadhar DOB rectified by submitting existing PAN Card as proof. But if it is wrong on PAN Card to apply for correction through the e-verification process via Aadhar.

Linking of PAN Cards of Deceased Persons with Aadhar:

  • I fear Government has not provided any solution to the linking of PAN Cards of deceased persons who never enrolled for Aadhar. In the case of such persons having fixed deposits with Banks, the Bank and Financial Institutions will be facing a lot of difficulties in dealing with TDS in respect of unsettled deposit accounts of such deceased persons. In my opinion, the Government should provide utility to individuals, banks, and financial institutions to validate such PAN Cards with or without Aadhar by providing the exact date of death of such PAN Card Holders.

Impact of Linking on Bank and Financial Institutions:

Though the Government has not yet notified, if the existing deadline for linking is not extended beyond 30th June 2017, the unlinked PAN Cards will become redundant and ineffective w.e.f. 01st July 2017 without any further notice to the Public. To the best of my knowledge, I can easily infer that all the Bank Accounts, Financial Products linked to unlinked PAN Cards will automatically get frozen w.e.f.01st July 2017 and you may not be allowed to carry out any Cash or Bulk Transactions without providing the Linked PAN Cards. Banks will neither be able to deposit TDS on fixed deposits nor they will be able to issue Form 16 or Form-16A in respect of unlinked, redundant PAN Cards.

Impact of Linking on Credit Reports and CIBIL Reports:

Presently the Credit Reports by CIBIL and other Credit Rating Agencies are being generated on the basis of PAN Cards and/or Voter Cards. I have seen people using multiple PAN Cards and taking loans from Banks by providing different PAN Numbers to different Banks. I have also seen Different People having same PAN Number and CIBIL is generating wrong Credit Reports wherein the Loans taken by both the individuals sharing same PAN Number appear in the Credit Reports of both the individuals multiplying their problems. In one such case, I found that TDS being deducted was also being clubbed in one Form 26AS – and the smart individual was taking credit of TDS whereas the other poor fellow was running from pillar to post to get the refund of TDS as his income was below the Taxable Limit. The smart fellow had taken loans of more than 5 crores from more than 10 different banks, whereas the other poor fellow serving with the Railways could not get even a single Personal Loan against salary despite the fact that he never availed the loan from any bank or financial institutions. In my opinion, the Government should enact a law that Aadhar is the one and only one valid Proof of ID and Address in India. Having spent more than Rs.8500 Crores on the Aadhar Project, the Modi Government must enforce the laws related to multiple identities, Date of Birth and Address in such a way that every Indian citizen should get all their ID, DOB and Address proofs synchronized through Aadhar within a timebound period not exceeding 31st December 2017. In my opinion, if Aadhar Project is implemented with all sanity than the day is not far away when India will really become Digital India.

In Case you are facing any difficulty with your PAN Card, Financial Accounts or CIBIL Reports – you are welcome to contact this CIBIL Consultant with prior appointment or through online submission of your CIBIL Problem.

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