Why can’t CIBIL integrate with DigiLocker?

The Government of India has allowed its citizens to download their e-Aadhar anywhere anytime and saved millions of rupees in dispatching Aadhar in Paper Laminated form. Recently the PAN issuing authorities like NSDL and UTIISL have also integrated with DigiLocker and the valid Aadhar Card Holders can fetch their e-PAN directly in the DigiLocker if the DigiLocker credentials are verified through Aadhar Based OTP.

Now the other authorities like CIBIL for e-CIBIL Reports, Credit Rating Agencies for e-Credit Reports, Passport issuing authorities for e-Passports, NSVP for e-Voter ID, Transport authorities for e-Driving Licenses or any other authority issuing ID Proofs, Address Proofs and DOB Proofs – can integrate their databases with the DigiLocker so that the citizens can fetch their e-CIBIL Reports, e-Credit Reports, e-Passports, E-Voter IDs, e-Driving Licenses or any other e-Identity Cards directly in the DigiLocker from where they can share such e-Identity Proofs with any authority in India or abroad.

As a CIBIL Consultant, I receive dozens of cases where CIBIL Reports are distorted from facts due to the wrong feeding of data by Banks and lending institutions. I have found that even the genuine persons, who have never defaulted in their loan repayments including those who have never taken any loans, have to run from pillar to post to satisfy their bankers and lending institutions. Let the Government of India instruct are the Credit Rating Agencies like CIBIL and Experian in India to integrate their database with DigiLocker so that mistakes are automatically struck from the CIBIL or Credit Reports.

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