March 27, 2017


CIBIL CONSULTANTS is a result oriented Credit Counsellor in Northern India. It was founded by Ashok Goyal, Retd Chief Manager of Punjab National Bank in the year 2016. The Team associated with CIBIL CONSULTANTS had been providing the following SERVICES to its clients for the last more than 2 years:

  • Generation of CIBIL Reports for Individual Credit Rating and Score.
  • Generation of Company Commercial Credit Reports.
  • Critical Analysis of CIBIL Reports and Reports by other Credit Rating agencies like Equifax, Experian, and CRIF HighMark.
  • Finding reasons for Low CIBIL Scores and the reasons for the different set of Credit Scores allotted by different Credit Bureaus to the same individual or corporate entity.
  • Suggesting the clients take steps to repair their Bad Credit Reports through:
  1. Removal of Strangers’ Accounts from the Credit Reports.
  2. Getting the Zero Balance accounts properly closed in CIBIL.
  3. Resolving the “SETTLED” and “WRITTEN OFF” accounts in Credit Reports.
  4. Getting Rid of default loans where the individual is shown as Guarantor or Joint Owner.
  5. Removing the anomalies in Company Commercial Credit Reports of Firms (Sole Prop and Partnership Firms, LLPs), Companies, Corporates.
  6. Suggesting methods to increase Credit Scores and Ratings.

After successful handling of thousands of CIBIL REPORTS for the clients from Northern India, the promoters of CIBIL CONSULTANTS thought to expand their SERVICES on PAN India basis. We have on our panel retired senior executives from Banking Industry, who have vast experience in handling the problems being faced by the public, while getting their loans sanctioned from the lending institutions. We strive hard to win the hearts and confidence of the public through our transparent policies and very fair dealings. We hope that people will like the services offered by CIBIL CONSULTANTS.

You can Tell us your CIBIL Problem in strictest confidence. We assure that we maintain the highest level of secrecy standards and you can depend on us as we believe in long-lasting  Trust Building with our clients.

If you are very busy and do not have time to keep a check on your CIBIL Report and Credit History then you can leave all your worries to us by subscribing to our Silver Credit Health Checkup Plan for getting updates about your Credit Scores and CIBIL Reports round the corner.