March 20, 2018

Silver Credit Health Checkup Plan from CIBIL Consultants

Finally, the wait is over. CIBIL Doctors have come out with their Exclusive Low Cost “Silver Credit Health Checkup Plan” for its clients from all over India. Now you can relax and have a remote control on your CIBIL Reports and CIBIL Scores around the corner anytime anywhere through “Silver Credit Health Checkup Plan” launched by none other than CIBIL Consultants, the unique online portal for solving all your CIBIL Problems online.

Just imagine the following scenario:

  • You want to know your CIBIL Score and CIBIL Report instantly before visiting your lending Banker or Financial Institution.
  • You have approached your Lending Banker or Financial Institution but they say a Big NO to your Loan Request without telling you the reasons for rejection.
  • Whenever you approach a New Lender, the Lender fetches your Credit Report and every time your Credit Score is going down when you have not taken any fresh loan.
  • All of a sudden “Stranger’s Loan Accounts” have crept into your Credit Report forcing your Banker to reject your loan merely on the grounds that you have exhausted your loan repaying and loan taking capacity.
  • All of a sudden old “Settled and Written Off” Credit Cards or Loans have appeared in your Credit Report due to linking of Aadhar with PAN, Voter ID, Passport, Driving License and such loan accounts or Credit Cards were never reported in your earlier Credit Reports. It is happening due to the fact that Smart Bankers have started cleansing/rectifying their reported data to Credit Bureaus and so many Loan Assets Reconstruction Companies have bought the “Settled/Written Off” loan accounts from Bankers or Finance Companies who have either gone into liquidation or who have not the expertise to recover such “Settled/Written Off” loan accounts.

Now CIBIL Consultants have come up with their Unique Silver Credit Health Checkup Plan, the salient features of which are given below:

  • Now CIBIL Consultants or CIBIL Doctors will take all the pains for you and you can get any information on your Credit Score or Credit Report with Latest updates as available to the lending Bankers with complete details whereas the Credit Reports fetched by the lending Bankers are confidential without any detailed information on the reported loan accounts.
  • Any hard inquiry by Credit Institutions or Lending Bankers can cause your CIBIL Score or Pulse to go down whereas CIBIL Reports fetched by our CIBIL Experts on your behalf will not affect your CIBIL Scores.

What do you Get when you subscribe to our Unique Silver Credit Health Checkup Plan:

  • Latest Refreshed CIBIL Report instantly within 2 hours of your digital request on our whats app No.9814915812 or Call at 8849950799 subject to rules and regulations below.
  • You will get Digital Copies in PDF format of your CIBIL Report for a period of 12 months from the original date of your Subscription. No Printouts will be provided through Courier or Post.
  • CIBIL Consultants will provide you 12 CIBIL Reports during the one year period of subscription either at monthly intervals on 5th of every month or intervals of your own choice.
  • CIBIL Reports over and above 12 reports will be charged extra @ Rs.300 per CIBIL Report.
  • Instant CIBIL Report in emergent conditions will be provided to the subscribers @Rs.500 per incident.
  • Expert Opinions and Analysis will be available on demand from our Experts at an extra cost of Rs.500 per Report. However, in case you wish to have our Expert Opinion along with all the 12 CIBIL Reports then it will be better for you to subscribe to our Gold Credit Health Checkup Plan which provides Expert Opinion at a very low cost of Rs.300 per Report.
  • All other charges will be payable as per Professional Fees with Terms and Conditions already available on our website.

Silver Credit Health Checkup Costs and How to Subscribe:

  • One Time Life Time Registration Fees                               : Rs.  600-00
  • Annual Subscription for Silver Credit Health Checkup  : Rs. 3000-00
  • Total Cost of Plan                                                            : Rs.3600-00

How to Subscribe to Silver Credit Health Checkup Plan from CIBIL Consultants:

  • As the data of existing clients are already available with CIBIL Consultants, they need not submit any fresh information except change in their whats app contact numbers.
  • New Subscribers to contact CIBIL Consultants on whats app Number +919814915812 or +918849950799 and follow the instructions to be sent by CIBIL Consultants Team.
  • You can make the Payment of Rs.3600-00 before or after contacting our Team on Whats App No.+919814915812 or Calling No.+918849950799 ( 9 AM to 6 PM IST on all weekdays).
  • Our Team will contact the Subscribers who chose to pay before contacting us as above on the Mobile Numbers provided by them while making the online payments by Clicking the Button below: