March 27, 2017


Following four Credit Rating Agencies are working in India who draw the Credit Reports for Individuals to check their Credit History. These credit rating agencies also provide an easy platform to the Banks and Lending Institutions to generate the Credit Report of their existing or prospective borrowers:

  1. Credit Information Bureau of India popularly known as CIBIL.
  2. Experian – Though its Indian arm is spreading its wings in India yet the consumers can get their Credit History from Experian also. However, Banks and Lending Institutions are mostly relying upon Credit Reports generated mainly from  CIBIL and Equifax who are the members of the TransUnion Credit Score and Rating Agency.
  3. Equifax – is also another Credit Rating Agency in India on whose Credit Reports, the Banks and Lending institutions are relying upon for taking Credit Decisions.
  4. CRIF-HIGHMARK – is another Credit Rating and Information Company spreading its wings in India.

To ensure that your Credit Reports are free from defects you need to get your Personal ID Proofs, Proofs of DOB and Proof of Address checked thoroughly for any possible mistake and Link the same with your Aadhaar ID as Aadhaar authentication is based on biometric data with the UIDAI.

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